White man looking at the camera with a white woman on his lap
Ischukigor at Depositphotos.com


If you want it so bad, come and get it. Whatever, I’m going to the store.

I messaged him in our Discord chat. We’d been sexting for months and I was tired of it. Battering my pussy every night pretending it was him, I was over it. I wanted to…

A woman holding a snifter with a black background.
Image by Obrik at depositphotos.com

Josephine’s heels clicked on the marble floor as she made her way through the luxury hotel. Her body-hugging dress was different this time around. Black, long-sleeved, a nod to the changing weather, but a short hem because some things didn’t need to be changed. And of course, ample T&A on…

Blisse Wynters

I love writing about the darker, tastier side of life. On your knees, if you please. Whips and chains and all sorts of things.

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